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Dip.I.Hyp, Adv.EFT, NLP, Dip. Shiatsu & Chinese Medicine

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Before working in the field of holistic therapies, I had a career in marketing in both the corporate 

and charity sectors. 

During this time I was guided to Shiatsu by other avenues in my life and went on to complete my three years professional training in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine with the Brighton Branch of the Shiatsu College. 

This training included study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western anatomy, physiology 

and pathology.

After some time working with clients I began to notice different patterns and went on to expand on my training and began my Integrated Diploma in Hypnotherapy and NLP. I then also qualified as an Advanced EFT practitioner and completed an additional Diploma in NLP. 

I have over 15 years experience and I'm passionate about the work that I do. I'm also committed to ongoing training and personal development. It's more unusual to have a therapist that works on both the mind and the body in physical form, but for me, they can't be separated.

My sessions are based entirely around the individual and I am always fully appreciative that everybody is different and that nobody sees the same view out of the same window.


"When being of service or caring for others, don't overdo it.

Meaning - let go of your ideas and how it should be.

Natural goodness is like a deep well inside of you,if you have been drawing 

on this well then nothing is impossible.

There are no limits to what you can achieve and you can truly help.

Be like a mother, and the effects of what you do will last.

Have deep roots in Tao.

See the eternal beyond the impermanent"

Lao Tzu



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